Glass Doors


Four fold Tempered Glass Shower Screen This new four-fold shower screen door is the most convenient alternative to regular shower curtains specifically designed and sized to fit on walk-in bathtubs in tight alcove opening or corner installs. This Euro-style semi-frameless 4-fold shower screen gives an airy open feeling with the option to push the screen aside quickly and easily. The sturdy construction of 1/8” thick lightweight glass secured in anodized aluminum frames enables smooth door operation with equipped high quality geared hinges strong enough to endure rigorous daily use.


Ultra Tubs also provides a range of Reclining Bath Tub Lifts for people who feel this is the right solution to their individual needs. Again, this is a much more economical solution to gaining a huge safety factor in the bath.

These seats are battery powered and descend into your existing tub and then recline back. With such a Lift Seat you can enjoy the pleasures of a soak in the bath once again. You are in control at all times and you decide the exact angle of recline to suit you and your bath.

Simply press the DOWN button and your bath lift will lower you gently into the bath. Once lowered, it will start to recline. You can then select the most comfortable bathing position at the touch of a button. Pressing the UP button returns the bath lift to the start position.


Sometimes a simple modification to an existing bathtub is the right solution. One such option is to cut a threshold into the side of an existing tub, allowing easy and safe access into the tub. A secure grab bar and a quality bath seat can make this a very economical solution to accessing your bath and maintaining your hygiene safely.

Without having to lift your leg as much as 18 to 20 inches can save a slip and fall that could have disastrous consequences.

This type of threshold provides a much safer and convenient way to access your bathtub without the expense of tearing out the tub and installing a new shower or walk-in bathtub.

Ultra Tubs consultants are focused on helping you with the best solution for your needs and not trying to sell a more expensive product if such a simple modification is more appropriate.

Your design consultant from Ultra Tubs can look at your existing tub and explain if it is cast iron, steel, fiberglass, etc. and what would be involved with such a threshold for your situation.

Rain Shower

Installing a rain shower with your walk-in tub has several benefits. First, the oversized showerhead provides a luxurious and spa-like experience, allowing the water to cascade over your entire body. Second, the rain shower can be directed to the seat or footwell, providing ease and convenience while bathing. Third, the installation of a rain shower with your walk-in tub can eliminate the need for a wall-mounted showerhead, creating more space in your bathroom. Overall, having a rain shower installed with your walk-in tub can enhance your bathing experience and add comfort and convenience to your daily routine.

This shower column kit is unique because of its large rain shower. It works by connecting to a diverter on a specific type of faucet. The column is made of stainless steel and has a chrome finish. You can easily adjust it to be up to 7 feet tall. There’s also a hand shower with five modes that can move up and down the column. At the top, there’s an oversized rain shower that you can direct toward your seat or footwell. This kit is an excellent alternative to a wall-mounted showerhead for your walk-in bathtub.

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