Warm Water Buoyancy

Sitting in a bath of warm water negates the gravity effect on our bodies and we become somewhat ‘weightless.’ This benefit has long been used by physical therapists to help joints heal, especially after surgery. Floating in your walk-in tub allows your body to fully relax and your joints to loosen up, increasing the blood flow and discharging the causes of most joint pain.


A recent study at the Mayo Clinic found that soaking in a hot bath gives many of the health benefits of exercise with less strain on the heart. Soaking in a hot bath increases the heart rate while it lowers blood pressure, rather than raising it as do other forms of exercise. By simply soaking in your walk in tub, you may improve your overall cardio health as well as relaxing your muscles. Now, add our Massage technology!

Ultra Tubs

Tubs can be equipped with a variety of massage options to further enhance the physical benefits of your bath. The hydrotherapy jets turn your walk-in tub into a therapeutic spa, soothing tired muscles and aching joints, increasing circulation, giving you greater range of motion and freedom of movement, while providing you with the ultimate safe and luxurious bathing experience.

Air Jet Massage

Air Jet massage

Our air jet system provides up to 26 multi-stream jets with variable speeds. This generates millions of tiny, soothing bubbles that very gently relax your whole body. The jets are positioned around your hips, back, knees and especially your feet. This massaging of your joints and extremities, improves blood flow and actually increase blood oxygen levels. The system has a self purging feature to help keep the lines completely sanitary and includes an in-line heater to keep your bath warm while the bubbles massage all your tension away.

Water Jet Hydrotherapy

Water jet systems pump a heavy flow of water and air throughout your tub. Water jets can be positioned to create a whirlpool massage that is often considered the more ‘deep tissue’ massage. Variable speed controls and directional jet heads allow you to select how much pressure and exactly where you receive it. This system also has a self purging system to help keep the lines completely sanitary and includes an in-line heater to keep your bath warm while you are getting massaged.

Dual Jet Massage

Our premium ‘dual’ massage system offers the ability to have both water and air jet massages working simultaneously. With this feature anyone can enjoy a softer light touch massage with the air jets, a more forceful and focused massage with the water jets, or you can choose to have both systems activated at the same time. True luxury and therapy for all that ails you.

Custom Jetting for your individual benefit

As an added benefit, Ultra Tubs can have the hydro jets custom positioned to maximize the health benefits of your new tub. Would more jets in your lower back help a disk problem? Done. Hip replacement? Rotator Cuff? How about some jets directly on that healing joint?

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